Arriving at Fööni is easy because it’s located in downtown Helsinki in the REDI Shopping Centre. Accessing Fööni is easy no matter where you are coming from. You can access Fööni by car via the major roads and there are plenty of parking spaces in the shopping centre. It is also effortless to access Fööni by public transport. The metro stops inside the shopping centre 500 times a day and Fööni is located under 50 metres away from the metro station. There is a direct bus connection to Fööni from the airport and the different areas of the metropolitan area. Pedestrians and cyclists benefit from the good-quality cycle paths that lead to Fööni quickly and comfortably from all around the city centre and the surrounding areas.

Hermannin Rantatie 11

Mailing address:
Hermannin rantatie 5A
mailbox 39
00580 Helsinki

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