Skydiving in a wind tunnel is an experience gift that will not be forgotten. Fööni’s gift card gives the recipient excitement-filled moments of overcoming fears and learning new things. The joy of flying is always ensured by an experienced instructor, who will make the free flying a safe experience for the recipient of the gift card.


Fööni’s experience gift is suitable for groups and companies

Fööni’s gift card is suitable for anyone over the age of five. You can even surprise a larger group, company or your entire family with an action-packed gift card. Flight packages for private persons are available from our online store, and company packages can be found in the “For Companies” section.

Here’s how the gift card works

Choose and pay your selected experience gift/flight package in Fööni’s online store. You will receive a printable gift card with a product code by email. Please note! Cardboard gift cards are available from Fööni’s customer service desk.

When the recipient of the gift card wants to use their gift, they can book a suitable flight time in the online store or by calling Fööni’s customer service on +358 (0)40 712 2044.

The gift card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.


If you already have a gift card

You can book your gift card flight in Fööni’s online store.

If you have an Elämyslahjat gift card to Fööni, please contact Fööni’s reception by telephone: +358 (0)40 712 2044 or by email:

If you have an Elämyslahjat gift card to Sirius, which has closed down, please contact Elämyslahjat first.

“A crazy gift!”
”I cannot think of anything better!”
”So easy to buy and a guaranteed hit!”