Flying at Fööni is suitable for anyone who is adventurous and over 5 years of age. There’s no upper age limit for our tunnel, but there’s a few things you should know before you fly! On this page, you’ll find instructions for first-time flyers on how to prepare as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Visit our online store to book a flight time for yourself or a friend. You’ll receive confirmation in your e-mail along with instructions on how to prepare for your flight. Flying at Fööni is suitable for people over 5 years of age who are in good health. There is no upper age limit!

Please come to Fööni about one hour before your scheduled flight time. You’ll receive safety instructions and full flight training from your instructor, who will be with you in the tunnel throughout your flight. You’ll also be provided with the necessary equipment for your flight. You can wear a set of light clothes under the flight suit and leave your valuables in one of our lockers. If you have long hair, you should wear it in a braid. While you can wear your glasses under the helmet, contact lenses make things easier!

When your flight time begins, we will proceed to the wind tunnel. There may be other flyers in the same session with you, with each flyer getting to do their own flight minutes one by one with an instructor. We’ll also give you a high-quality video of your flight as a souvenir! Your friends can watch you and cheer you on from Bar & Cafe Hangaari while you fly.


Flying at Fööni is suitable for practically everyone over 5 years of age who is in good health. Before buying your flight, please make sure that you:

– are not pregnant
– are not under 5 years of age
– do not have any injuries or illnesses related to your back, joints or neck
– do not have a shoulder injury (especially a history of dislocating your shoulder)
– are not in recovery (from a surgery, accident, serious illness or having a cast)
– do not suffer from heart problems and/or have a pacemaker
– are not under the influence of alcohol/medication/other intoxicants affecting cognitive function, tired, mentally unstable or under guardianship or negatively disposed towards following instructions (the wind tunnel has a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol)
– do not weigh more than 125 kg.

Before flight, please fill up the waiver.

Fööni is on the 2nd floor of the REDI shopping centre. If you take the metro to Redi, first go down one level. Fööni is behind the escalator. Click here to see the map.

You can, and it’s a great idea! Visit our online store to buy a gift card. The gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, giving the recipient plenty of time to use it.

Like an airport, Fööni is a place that you should get to in good time before your flight! Before your actual flight time, you will fill out a liability waiver form, meet your instructor and receive complete flight training if you’re a first-time flyer. During the training, you’ll learn what you need to do in the wind tunnel and how to interpret your instructor’s hand signals. The pre-flight training also gives you the chance to ask any questions you might have. You’ll also be provided with flying equipment, including a flight suit, helmet and bandana, as well as a pair of loan shoes if your own shoes aren’t right for flight. (See “How should I dress for my flight?”).

You can wear your normal casual clothes or sportswear under the flight suit. You can wear trainers or tennis shoes with laces as long as they don’t have any metal parts. We have a few pairs of loan shoes in case your shoes can’t be worn in the wind tunnel. Before entering the tunnel, take off any jewellery, watches and other items that could come loose. Also empty the pockets of the clothes you wear under the flight suit. If you have long hair, you should wear it up in a tight braid. We recommend using contact lenses, but you can fit glasses under the helmet as well.

To redeem your gift card, look for the text “I already have a gift card

Flight minutes refer to the time spent by the flyer inside the wind tunnel. Flying is surprisingly tiring, so people usually spend about one minute at a time in the tunnel. Our packages usually include 2–5 minutes of flight time per flyer. The recommended total flight time for a first-time flyer is 2–5 minutes.

First-time flyers are always accompanied by a trained instructor in the tunnel. You can have your child or friend join the same session with you and share the experience, but you will fly in the tunnel one at a time with the instructor. If you are already a Pro flyer with Fööni, you can join our Pro flyer events where people can fly in the tunnel at the same time with other Pro flyers.

Opening hours

MON–TUE 14–21
WED-FRI 10–21
SAT 10–21
SUN 12–18