Wind tunnel flying – or indoor skydiving – is a fantastic sport where the sky is the limit. As a Pro flyer, you can buy cheaper flying time and take to the sky with other active enthusiasts. Pro flyers are free to use their own gear in the tunnel – or hire a suit and helmet from Fööni. Fööni also has changing rooms with lockers and showers for frequent flyers.

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Three ways to start flying

Just like any hobby, flying in a wind tunnel starts with the basics. From there, you will gradually move to more challenging moves and tricks. You will become a Pro flyer once you have completed more than 15 minutes of flying in the tunnel. There are three ways to start your hobby and get a Fööni Flying Licence.

Group indoor
skydiving course

(199 € / 20 min)

The indoor skydiving course is an affordable and fun way to start your flying hobby in a group.

Private indoor
skydiving course

(395 € / 15 min)

Private tuition is the fastest way to get your hands on a Flying Licence – and you can do it in one day!

Return flights /
Level coaching

(295 € / 15 min)

If you have previous flying experience, you can complete the Fööni Flying Licence as level coaching at your own pace.

Rates for Pro flyers

The time-based flight rates for Pro flyers are lower than for first-time flyers or occasional flyers. You can easily buy different time packages – they range from the 10-minute minimum package to a 10-hour flight package. Pro flyers can also share their time with other Pro flyers or even their team. You can register as a Pro flyer by submitting a registration request to Fööni. Check out the rates in Fööni’s web shop.


Pro Events

Fööni organises events for flyers of different levels. As a Pro flyer, you can take part in fun Huck Jams, Skills Camps, coaching sessions and other events for more experienced Fööni customers.

Huck jam

Huck Jam is a group flight event where you can have fun in groups of 2–4, led by an instructor. Each flyer normally gets approximately 15–25 minutes of flying time.

Skills Camp

Skills Camp is a group flight event focused on improving individual flying skills. The flight sessions are normally arranged so that there are always two flyers simultaneously in the tunnel. Each flyer normally gets approximately 15–20 minutes of flying time.


Coaching is always tailored to the Pro flyer’s wishes and level. The coaching includes going through the upcoming training flight, during which you get to practice the agreed individual skills. The instructor will fly with you, and the flight is analysed afterwards verbally and with the help of video.

Fööni Flight Academy

The Fööni Flight Academy is a wind tunnel flying school that provides dedicated flyers with the chance to hone their flying skills and increase their knowledge of flying. At the Flight Academy, you get to challenge yourself to learn new tricks, engage in target-oriented training to compete at the national championship level or at international events – or just deepen your knowledge and get even more out of flying.
The Flight Academy offers both private and group training courses.

The calendar is also full of fun group flying events as well as workshops aimed at working on specific skills.
The Fööni Flight Academy’s level path provides information and practical skills for you to improve efficiently and safely – or just to have fun! The Flight Academy introduces you to the different subcategories of tunnel flying, enabling you to concentrate on a specific sport – or why not all of them!

Welcome to the top!

For more information about what the Flight Academy offers:
+358 40 712 2044